Luigi - The Testimonials

"Luigi, still the top man,
is spreading his ballet-based jazz worldwide."

-- Dance Magazine, August 1999 --

"Luigi. His name is synonymous with elegant, sophisticated, lyrical-style jazz.
Creator of the first real jazz technique, performer, choreographer and, most of all,
teacher, Luigi is a living legend (and he's still teaching)."

-- Dance Spirit, July 1999 --

Luigi teaching Robert Morse by Milton Oleaga
"I found Luigi to be an invaluable teacher
and his technique has stayed with me"

-- Liza Minnelli --

"Luigi is stylish, graceful, aristocratic, constant, permanent, visionary and so very kind to us all who are beginners daily."
-- Robert Morse --

"I've never has more fun than dancing in Luigi's classes."
-- Twyla Tharp --

"Luigi always defined jazz dancing for me . . ."
-- John Travolta --

"I studied with Luigi.
I think his warm up exercises are still a part of me.
I don't know what the new trend is as far as exercises
but I still do the Luigi technique."

-- Susan Stroman --

"Luigi is the father of modern jazz dancing and he is
a wonderful teacher. His technique is fluid and
beautiful to watch and a joy to dance."

-- Lorna Luft --

"A Luigi trained dancer is always dedicated and well trained."
-- Bob Fosse --

"As a young dancer in the New York City Ballet, Mr. B. (Balanchine) urged me to take jazz with Luigi. He knew that I needed jazz to do ballets like Agon and Slaughter on 10th Avenue well. Luigi's style and technique are the perfect compliment for ballet dancers and so needed for contemporary dance."
-- Maria Calegari --

"Yes, Alvin Ailey took classes from Luigi. Also Altoviese Gore, Conseulo Atlas, Claude Thompson, Lester Wilson, Clive Thompson, Hope Clark, Kelvin Rotardier, Miguel Godreau and lovingly me."
-- Loretta Abbott --
(original Ailey Company member)

The First World Jazz Center
48 West 68th Street
New York, NY 10023
(212) 874-6215
at Studio Maestro

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Photo Credits: (top) Luigi teaching Robert Morse by Milton Oleaga; (bottom) Luigi by Josef Astor

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